MG Voices

Images are of real people with MG.

Let’s talk about MG

When you're living with a rare disease like myasthenia gravis (MG), it can be challenging for others to truly understand what you are going through. More Than MG is committed to amplifying the voices of the MG community so we can all feel more connected, supported, and understood.

Watch these inspirational videos of real people to hear their unique perspectives on living with MG.

SeAndrea, living with MG

SeAndrea’s advice to people with MG

Get SeAndrea’s perspective on making the most of the resources and support available to people with MG.


Meena finds support through an MG diagnosis

Hear how Meena is inspired by her children’s resilience and compassion and views MG through that lens.

Liberty, living with MG

What “More than MG” means to Liberty

Learn how Liberty pushes past her MG and doesn’t let invisible disability stop her from being herself.